Arrival 29 11- 2022
Departure 30 11- 2022

This is the very center of Krakow, right near Planty Krakowskie, from where you will reach the Market Square in less than 10 minutes walk. This is a great place for people who want to get to know Krakow from the inside out. In the area there is the Krakow Philharmonic or the historic building of the Jagiellonian University. And in less than 5 minutes you will reach the Vistula bend from where you will be able to admire the Royal Castle in Wawel. Apartments are located in tenements. Self-access to the apartment

 We have 7 apartments in this location.

The Main Railway Station and MDA (bus station) are distinguishing features of this location. The apartment building, in which the premises will be located, there is a VIS-A-vis Galeria Krakowska-a large shopping center connected to the PKP and MDA station. This is where you will reach your train or bus in a few minutes. You are only a few hundred meters away from the Florian Gate, and less than a kilometer away a monumentary St. Mary's Church will be released in front of you the Central Square of the city.

We have 2 apartments in this location.

Szewska street is the center of Krakow's life. This street connecting to the Main Market never sleeps. Both day and night he is teeming with life. Get out of our apartments you have 50m to overcome to get to the Main Market. Hence, you can admire the St. Mary's Church or Sukiennice, and following the south of your eyes, the Wawel Hill - a former center of princely, episcopal and royal power. And at the foot of Wawel Hill you can visit a cave where, according to legend, a dragon used to live.

In this location we have 13 air -conditioned apartments.

Once an independent city located south of Wawel, for centuries, the place of residence of the Jewish population of Krakow, today it is one of the city's biggest tourist attractions. Traces of the old history are enchanted in old walls, streets and alleys, synagogues and cemeteries, churches and constantly discovered historical souvenirs.

In this location we have 10 apartments and several parking spaces

It is a quiet street in the center of Krakow, near the main station. Hence, you will easily reach the Krakow Opera or the Jagiellonian University Botanical Garden. This is an ideal place for tourists with a car. The court institutions are located nearby. Easy access and public parking spaces in front of the building.

In this location we have 10 apartments and several parking spaces.


Air -conditioned apartments with one bedroom are the perfect place to relax and work. Apartments have balconies, which on warm days allows relaxation outside the walls of the apartment. The building is a new apartment, located just a few minutes from the Main Square or Kaziemierz. This is an ideal option for a weekend or business stay. There is also a Galeria Kazimierz shopping center in the area.

We have 2 apartments in this location. Public parking spaces, public.

The apartments are located in the modern Sobieski Residence building. Each apartment is air - conditioned. Balconies have selected. The apartments are located on the Vistula river, a few minutes from the Dębnicki Bridge, the main thoroughfare passing through the Vistula near the Wawel Hill. From here, there is a few minutes to Wawel. Restaurants, cafes, houseboat on the Vistula are attractions that are in the immediate vicinity of the apartments.

We have 4 apartments in this location. Public parking spaces, public.

Apartments located between the alleys of the Trzech Wieszczów and Planty Avenues are characterized by good location for both motorists and pedestrians. Hence, in less than 10 minutes you will reach Saint John Street where you can see Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine or Rembrandt van Rijn's Landscape with the Good Samaritan at Czartoryski Museum. Right next to you can see Barbican and Florian Gate - part of the city fortifications.

We have 6 apartments in this location. Public parking spaces, public.

Apartments located next to the beltway surround the central area of the city from the west and northwest. From here, you will reach the Market Square in a quarter of an hour, passing along the way, including Agrafka Cinema - a studio cinema whose beginnings date back to 1959. Next, you will pass the Krakow Planty - City Park from the 19th century with an area of 21 ha, to finally be on the streets surrounding the Old Town in Krakow.

We have 3 apartments in this location. Public parking spaces, public

This is the main street moving perpendicularly from the Krakow Plant. Going along the street towards the Market Square you will pass, among others The Pugetow Palace, the only fully realized City Palace in Krakow or the main post office in the style of neo-renaissance, and then cross the Krakow Planty and be within the Old Town.

We have 3 apartments in this location.


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